Posting this first entry feels a bit overwhelming. Whether it’s because of my busy schedule or the seemingly unattainable standards I set for myself on my ideas and chosen topics, it’s been so easy to put off for one reason or another. It’s also an awkward amount of exposure of myself, and considering the fact that no matter how much I scrutinize each sentence, there will inevitably be that population of people who interpret things in a different way that I intended. So really, it takes a considerable amount of vulnerability to write thought-provoking blog entries, and I believe I’m ready to take that on. And you know what? I say “fuck it,” and it all feels better. I’m sorry Mom, strong words have relevance and function in my life sometimes.

Aaahh, I’m starting to loosen up already. 😉 

You can expect to read about the thoughts and experiences of a girl in her 20’s as she awkwardly juggles a life split between her professional career as a graphic designer, and her passion for alternative health and fitness practices, focused on Brazilian Jiu-Jistu. I’ll extend into the things that keep me motivated to create along with an embarrassing amount dual forces within myself that reveal just how conflicted I am in deciphering my identity. Perhaps I’ll throw in some of the love-life too, because well, let’s just be real, it directly affects extraneous parts of my life whether it makes total sense or not.